Are Your Parking Habits Killing Your Trees?

There are two main reasons why trees in your back yard are a good thing. Firstly, they provide shade to your home, and that shade keeps your property cooler during the hot summer days. Secondly, trees filter carbon dioxide from the air, and this makes the air around you more breathable. You have noticed recently that the trees close to your home don’t seem to be thriving as well as they used to.

The Importance of Stump Grinding Post Tree Removal

If you have trees in your yard, you may require removal services at one time or another. These reasons may range from significant damage to a tree due to stormy weather, the risk of property damage due to irregular growth patterns or even simply needing more sunlight to stream onto your property. If you decide to hire tree removal services, do not make the mistake of leaving the tree stumps behind.

Two situations in which you might want to cut down a tree on your property

There are certain circumstances in which it might be wise to cut down one or more of the trees on your property. Read on to learn more about why you may want to do this. You’re concerned about the possibility of your home being burglarised If you’re like most homeowners, you are probably quite careful about locking your home’s ground floor windows but sometimes prefer to keep upper floor ones open, particularly on warm nights when you want to let a breeze in.

Removing a rotten tree

Even if you love your old trees, sometimes they can get to a stage of rot or decay where they need to be removed for the safety of the surrounding structures and plants. Here are some tips to safely remove a rotting tree.  Get professional advice One of the first and most important steps is to get a tree doctor to examine the tree. They can look at the location of the rot and help to assess the type of organism which has led to the rot.

Tumbling Toddler Territory: How to Create a Tree-Stump Free Zone for Your Soon-to-be Toddler

Kids grow up quick. Busy parents can attest to this. A tottering, not to mention determined baby, can learn to walk before you can say “peek-a-boo!” According to research, the average toddler takes 14,000 steps an hour and falls 100 times. That makes the next few weeks or months vital for you as a parent. You need to prepare both your house and your garden to ensure that your soon-to-be toddler is safe as they eagerly utilize their newfound mobility.

Three Steps To Stop You From Being Haunted By A Fig Tree Forever

While fig trees provide shade and fruit to gardens, listening to a thousand magpies gathering in your fig tree every morning for breakfast is enough to put anyone off this tree type fast! Now that you have moved into your new home, and you already know what a nuisance fig tree roots are, you want to remove this plant from your life for good. But, how do you go about making sure you get rid of all of it?

When Is It Time to Remove a Tree?

Mature trees on your property can enhance the look of your yard and provide needed shade during summer time. Trees also clean the air around them, which is good for the overall environment. However, there are times when you may need to think about having a tree on your property removed; in some cases, you might relocate it or replace it with a new tree, but in other cases, you might just dispose of the tree.

Some Grounds on Which a Tree Removal Permit May Be Issued

State and territory governments in Australia recognise that trees are of vital importance to planet Earth and the people that live on it. Trees help sanitise the air by trapping airborne particulates, they replenish oxygen supply through the process of photosynthesis, they provide shade and help cool adjacent buildings on hot sunny days, and the list of benefits continues on. Because of the many vital benefits that trees can provide, property owners are normally required to obtain a permit before they can be allowed to remove a tree from their properties.

Speeding Up the Tedious Process of Waiting for a Tree to Grow

A tree can really complete a garden. Having a fully-grown specimen on your property is certain to make you feel proud when you have guests over, plus it makes a great patch of shade and a highly attractive feature. If you don’t already have trees on your property, you’re typically in for a long wait; these particular plants, as you’re no doubt already aware, are not usually noted for their speedy growth.

5 Ways to Lower Costs When You Own a Landscaping Company

As a small business owner, you want to keep costs low so that they don’t eat into your profits. If you run a landscaping company, there are multiple ways that you can save money on plants and other materials. Consider the following ideas. 1. Buy Plants and Other Materials in Bulk Rather than buying plants, mulch, landscaping rock and other materials one at a time, consider buying these materials in bulk.

Possums Pose Problems to Trees: How Hungry Possums Can Strip Trees Bare

As folivores, or herbivores that consume leaves, possums are capable of decimating trees. This is one of the reasons that possums are designated as pests in New Zealand. The possum population there devours 21,000 tonnes of vegetation a day. However, despite that, possums in Australia are a protected species. Even if possums are making a nuisance of themselves in an area by ravaging rose bushes, fruit, and trees, it is illegal to trap and relocate or kill them without a permit.

Hello Bark Beetle, Bye-Bye Pine: How Weakened Pencil Pines Fall Prey to Bark-Boring Bark Beetles

The Italian Cypress, also known as pencil pine, makes a fine privacy tree for outdoor areas and swimming pools. A row of these narrow but tall and elegant pines, which grow up to 40 feet tall, can provide wind protection, sound reduction and privacy, all while adding a touch of class to a landscape. However, bark beetles such as the five-spined bark beetle are also quite fond of pencil pines. This is bad news because bark beetles are voracious eaters.

Don't Forget Your Home's Exterior When Preparing It For Sale

When you’re getting ready to put your home on the real estate market, you might work hard to clear out the clutter and apply fresh paint in each room. However, while these jobs can make your home look more attractive on the inside, you don’t want to forget about your property’s outside appearance either! Potential homebuyers will usually do a tour of the yard and check the home’s exterior before making a buying decision, so note a few tasks you don’t want to overlook when it comes to making the property look as good on the outside as it does on the inside.

When Trees Transport Rodents: How Tall Trees Leave Your Fruit Trees Exposed to Rodents

Like humans, animals love to feast on fruit. Some; however, are more destructive than others. If you awaken each morning to find that your fruit trees have been stripped of fruit, leaves, and flowers overnight, there might be a nearby rodent infestation. You can take steps to deter rodents, such as removing falling fruit from under trees, placing netting around the trunks, and placing traps in the vicinity but pests can get around these obstacles.