The Importance of Stump Grinding Post Tree Removal

If you have trees in your yard, you may require removal services at one time or another. These reasons may range from significant damage to a tree due to stormy weather, the risk of property damage due to irregular growth patterns or even simply needing more sunlight to stream onto your property. If you decide to hire tree removal services, do not make the mistake of leaving the tree stumps behind. Tree stumps may seem like innocuous parts of the tee, but the reality is they could pose a vast assortment of problems on your property. So what is the importance of stump grinding after embarking on tree removal?

Prevent timber decay in your yard

Tree stumps may seem like an easy way to create seating space in your garden. But what some people are not considering is that the stump will eventually start to rot. As the stump begins to decay, it starts to become a magnet for myriad pests. Before you know it, your yard becomes uninhabitable as it will be crawling with beetles, termites and other wood boring critters. In the worst-case scenario, maggots may even start to accumulate on the stump as the decay worsens. If you do not want to deal with these pests, it would be best to opt for stump grinding immediately you have trees removed from your yard.

Keep your garden attractive

Another reason why tree stumps should be eliminated post haste is they could begin to detract from the aesthetic of your property. As the tree stump starts to disintegrate, it will adversely affect the kerb appeal of your yard. The more progressive the decay, the more your garden appears unkempt. If you were looking to sell your property, the rotting tree stump could significantly decrease the overall value of the home.

Enhance space on your yard

There are a couple of ways that keeping tree stumps in your yard would affect space availability. Firstly, having tree stumps randomly located in your yard would make it hard for you to create an efficient alfresco living space. If the tree stumps are smack in the middle of your property, they will impede on construction. Secondly, having multiple tree stumps on your property would also make it difficult to navigate the yard, particularly if you have young kids. Thus, you may have a spacious garden, but the tree stumps will significantly decrease the real estate available to you.