Speeding Up the Tedious Process of Waiting for a Tree to Grow

A tree can really complete a garden. Having a fully-grown specimen on your property is certain to make you feel proud when you have guests over, plus it makes a great patch of shade and a highly attractive feature.

If you don't already have trees on your property, you're typically in for a long wait; these particular plants, as you're no doubt already aware, are not usually noted for their speedy growth. There are some that will mature faster than others, of course, and trees like the various cypresses and poplars are good choices if you want a big tree as quickly as possible, but it's still going to take time. Tree services can help you determine what to grow in your area.

While, unfortunately, you can't magically make a tree grow several feet overnight, there are a few things you can do to make sure your new little specimen reaches its potential as soon as it can.

Choose the right location

If you remember your school biology lessons, you'll know how important sunlight is for a plant's growth. This should be one of your guiding principles when you're deciding where to plant your new tree. Of course, you'll also want to take into account which spot will be practical and look good, but fulfilling the tree's needs is what will make it grow faster.

When it's particularly young, it doesn't matter too much if it's partially in shade. In fact, this can stimulate growth as the tree reaches skyward in search of light. In time, though, long periods of sunlight are what will give it the energy to grow fast.

Prepare the ground

Before you plant the tree, mix plenty of good fertilising material into the ground to give it a big boost of nutrients. Manure, fresh compost and other organic materials are ideal for this. Dig a two-foot deep hole, mix fertiliser in a 50:50 ratio with the soil, and replace it when you plant the tree.

Target your watering

Getting water directly to the tree's roots will do wonders for its growth. With normal watering, too much is wasted, but using an irrigation system to direct where it goes ensures your new tree has plenty. Alternatively, you can buy a spike that attaches to a hose and allows you to water below the surface.

Keep it fed

Buy a fertiliser specifically for trees and use it once a week as directed. If you're able to apply it with whatever system you're using to water the roots, you should see growth at an impressive rate.