Reasons to Hire an Arborist to Prune Your Trees

You might enjoy spending time in your lovely garden and enjoying the sight of nature doing its wonderous work. However, your trees do require some help from you in the form of pruning. An arborist can perform this skilled surgery to keep your trees healthy and thriving. Consider the following reasons to undertake a pruning project.

Cut Out Disease

Trees can become diseased when fungus or insects get inside the bark — the attack then spreads throughout the tree if you don't act. An arborist can cut off the damaged branches, leaving only healthy timber, which will stop the disease from infecting more branches. Cutting out these damaged sections will allow new healthy shoots to take hold instead. 

Thin the Canopy

While shade provides a welcome respite in summer, sometimes a tree canopy grows too dense, and your garden feels dark and enclosed. You can address this with crown thinning that removes the secondary branches, allowing light and air to flow freely through the foliage. You'll enjoy a brighter garden, and surrounding plants will receive more sunlight and openness. They'll no longer have to survive on scraps of sunlight. 

Increase Safety

If large branches extend over your home, they could pose a danger, especially during severe storms and winds that could bring them down on the roof. You can have such hazardous branches selectively pruned to preempt a disaster. Arborists can also remove low hanging branches that stop you walking upright along the pathway or patio. Pruning can also remove branches that hang too low over your car on the driveway. 

Get Rid of Deadwood

The deadwood on trees, especially Eucalyptus, can drop at any time, injuring people walking underneath. Pruning can take cut off any dead branches before they develop into a hazard.

Encourage a Beautiful Shape

If you have a young developing tree in your garden, an arborist can clip the branches so that the foliage grows into a healthy and attractive shape. They can also transform an ugly, bulky older tree into a pleasing natural contour.

Protect the Atmosphere

Trees supply oxygen and absorb pollutants to create a cleaner environment. Thriving trees help the planet by improving air quality, so you'll be doing your bit with your garden.

Thus, pruning can help your trees to remain safe and grow strong. It cuts out disease, opens up your garden to healthy sunlight, and pruning can also transform ungainly trees into beautiful shapes.

To learn more, reach out to a local arborist.